Medium-Term Management Plan

Medium-Term Management Plan

【Medium-Term Management Plan(Revised in April 2022)】

We revised the implementation measures and plan figures for the medium-term management plan “The new 5-year plan” published in April 2019, taking into account changes in the social environment such as the spread of COVID-19 and stricter lending by financial institutions, as well as the business environment and business performance. We expect to achieve record high sales and operating income in FY2023.

【Overview of the New 5-Year Plan】

1. Execution period
  Five years from fiscal 2019 (fiscal 2019 to fiscal 2023)

2. Slogan
  “A Company that can grow sustainably, entrusted with the dreams and futures of its stakeholders”

3. Key strategies
  Transitioning from an exclusive focus on rental housing to a total lifestyle sport company centered on the
  comprehensive leasing business.

  (1)Reinforce core business (rental housing field) in expanding market.
   We aim to increase our market share in expanding rental housing market by deepening our core

  (2)Expand leasing business
   We aim to be a comprehensive leasing business such as commercial facilities, rental offices, hotels,
   dormitories, etc.

  (3)Expand into service businesses
   We aim to expand business domains into other service businesses, in addition to existing energy, nursing
   care and childcare businesses.

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