Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

The Company believes that disclosure is one of our management priorities and strives to promptly disclose information, positive or negative, complying with laws and regulations. We avoid selectively disclosing undisclosed important information to some organizations or individuals and work to disclose information broadly and fairly.
For further information on the use of the information posted on this website, including information on exemptions from liability for forward-looking statements and on copyright, please refer to “terms of use of this website.”

Criteria for disclosure

The Company discloses information under the Securities and Exchange Act and the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities set out by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
We will actively disclose information that we are not requested to disclose under the act and rules if we believe the disclosure is effective for increasing management transparency and understanding of the Company. We will not disclose information whose disclosure, we believe, is inappropriate for competition among companies, including trade secrets.

Method of disclosure

The Company will disclose information using many different channels under the aforementioned basic policy. To disclose information broadly and fairly, we will post the following disclosed information on the website:

  • Material facts disclosed through the TD-net of the Tokyo Stock exchange
  • Documents that are created regularly, including securities reports (quarterly reports), financial summaries (quarterly financial summaries), newsletters for shareholders (quarterly newsletters for shareholders), strategy reports (integrated reports), monthly results presentation materials (quarterly results presentation materials)
  • News releases, materials provided to news organizations or distributed to press clubs

Quiet period

To avoid leaks of information that will affect the stock price immediately before the announcement of financial results, the Company will not make any comments about the results in a quiet period from the fiscal year-end to the day of the announcement of results (the week before the day of the announcement of quarterly results is also a quiet period). However, we will answer questions about information that has already been disclosed.


This website is not intended to solicit investment.
We ask that you make your own decisions on investing in the stock of the Company.