List of products for our purchase

The main product lines of the Purchase Department are as follows.

Classification Item
Building materials 1. Finishing materials
  • Interior doors (doors, frames)
  • Door fittings
  • Exterior doors and windows (front doors, aluminum sash windows, resin sash windows)
  • Exterior decorative materials (moldings, tiles, stone materials, siding)
  • Finish carpentry materials (opening frames, casings, doorframes, sills, wood floors)
  • Stairs
  • Roof materials
2. Structural materials
  • 2x4 lumber (SPF)
  • Structural panels (OSB)
  • Laminated lumber
3. Equipment items
  • Water heaters, bathroom dryers, ventilation fans
  • Bathroom vanities, kitchens
  • Water, hot-water pipe materials
  • Lighting equipment, intercoms
Other materials
  • Office furniture (desks, chairs, lockers, partitions)
  • Office supplies (notebooks, pencils, markers, files, goods related to seals)
  • Office automation equipment (personal computers and peripherals, fax machines, printers), electric appliances, consumables
  • Office automation supplies (toner, magnetic media, accessories)
  • IT (hardware, software)
  • Printing (brochures, circulars, posters, leaflets, forms, CG drawings)
  • Advertisements (TV commercials)
  • Commemorative gifts, congratulatory gifts, goods for presentations (novelties, creation of signboards, goods for commendations)
  • Uniforms, footwear, safety goods
  • Travel (hotels, Japanese inns, halls, meeting rooms)