Basic Policy

Our Compliance Promotion Division engages in checking compatibility with government law and in-house standards and, in collaboration with the Internal Audit Division, manages legal risks in our business activity.

Besides, we enacted Daito Trust Construction Code of Conduct as code of conduct for our employees and promote learning of it to all our employees.

Basic Policy on Unsocial Forces

We deeply recognize social importance of that antisocial forces or groups which threatens public order and safety must be eliminated from our society. In view of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and compliance, we implemented basic principles in order to eliminate antisocial forces as follows:

  1. (1)We shall reject all communications, including business transactions, with antisocial forces and groups such as organized crime group.
  2. (2)We shall resolutely confront with anti social forces and, in corporation with legal firms and police authorities and other specialists outside the company, handle the matter legally together as a whole company including top management.
  3. (3)We shall not accept any illegal and unreasonable demands and not engage in any illegal deals or funding.

Daito Trust Construction Code of Conduct

The Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd. and the Daito Trust Group (hereinafter “Daito Trust Construction” or “Daito Trust” have adopted the Daito Trust Construction Code of Conduct to demonstrate their corporate philosophy and earn the confidence of customers and society in general. Comprising guidelines and standards for daily business activities, the Code applies to the behavior of all individuals in the Group.

1.Legal Compliance and Corporate Ethics

  1. (1)As decent and responsible members of society, we shall comply with laws and regulations at all times while maintaining the highest ethical standards.
  2. (2)We shall respect the character and individuality of each person and not permit social discrimination on basis of race, national and regional origin, age, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation, disability, and other attributes or the infringement of human rights.
  3. (3)We shall resolutely oppose any antisocial influence or group that threatens public order and safety.

2.Management Transparency and Confidentiality

  1. (1)We shall strive to disclose information to customers and investors accurately and in a timely manner in order to facilitate a correct understanding of management and business activities.
  2. (2)To maintain fair and open business relationships, we shall refuse all gifts and entertainment offered by business partners and others.
  3. (3)We shall strictly manage information on customers and business clients obtained in the course of performing work duties and not use such information for another purpose without proper reason.

3.Placing Customers First

  1. (1)We shall act in the interests of our customers and constantly strive to provide a high level of satisfaction and earn their trust.
  2. (2)We shall act courteously toward all customers and strive to provide correct information and engage in fair business dealings.

4.Social Responsibility

  1. (1)We shall maintain a sound financial position and debt-free business in order to perpetually provide products and services demanded by society.
  2. (2)We shall listen to the opinions of our various stakeholders while mindful of our relationship with society at all times.
  3. (3)We shall each consider the contribution we can make to society and strive to make contributions, not matter how small, starting in our immediate environment.

5.Environmental Issues and Health and Safety

  1. (1)We shall actively strive to preserve the global environment by endeavoring to conserve energy and resources and through recycling efforts.
  2. (2)As a corporation that is innovative in its approach to land use, we shall endeavor to maintain comfortable living environments that emphasize harmony between the community and nature.
  3. (3)We shall strive to create a comfortable workplace environment that ensures the safety and health of all employees and other persons engaged in the Group’s activities.

6.Overseas Activities

  1. (1)We shall comply with international laws and regulations and those of individual countries and respect local culture and customs.
  2. (2)We shall maintain cordial relations with local communities and contribute to the development and prosperity of culture and society.

Daito Group 7 Prohibition Rules

As part of the Daito Group’s internal regulations, employees are strictly forbidden from engaging in any of the following items (“Gohatto”). We make every effort to make sure our employees are aware that the maximum punishment for the violation of these rules is dismissal.

  1. (1)No wining and dining with business partners
  2. (2)No playing for money, such as mahjong, golf, bowling, karaoke, and so on, with internal or external parties
  3. (3)No drunken driving and dangerous driving including malicious tailgating
  4. (4)No mid-year or year-end gifts
  5. (5)No personal rewards in connection with company systems
  6. (6)No monetary loans and investment solicitation between employees, customers, or clients
  7. (7)No forgery, falsification, false entry, improper furnishing, or unauthorized use in document