Group Companies

Construction Business
Daito Construction Co., Ltd.Design and construction of rental housing and other structures
Daito Steel Co., Ltd.Ironwork and construction
Real Estate Business
Daito Kentaku Partners Co., Ltd.Whole-building leasing, building management, building renovation
Daito Kentaku Leasing Co., Ltd.Rental apartment and condominium brokering, real estate business
Housecom Co., Ltd.Rental apartment and condominium brokering
HOUSECOM Technologies Co., Ltd.Advertising business, etc.
House Leave Co., Ltd.Rental housing tenant guarantor services
House Payment Co., Ltd.Credit card settlement services
Other Businesses
Gaspal GroupLP gas supply and other business
Care Partner Co., Ltd.Operation of day service centers and childcare facilities
Daito Asia Development (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.hotel business (Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur)
Daito Asia Development (Malaysia) Ⅱ Sdn. Bhd.hotel business (Hilton Kuala Lumpur)
Daito Finance Co., Ltd.Bridge financing of contracting expenses for general contractors
Daito Corporate Service Co., Ltd. (Special subsidiary)Document shipping, document destruction, printing, administrative services
Daito Mirai Trust Co., Ltd.Real estate management services, asset succession consulting
HOUSE GUARD S.S. Insurance Co., Ltd.Low-amount, short-term insurance
Lopicma Co., Ltd.Management of facility reservation portal sites
INVALANCE Ltd.Development and sales of investment-type apartment properties