Group Companies

Construction Business
Daito Construction Co., Ltd.Constructs mid- to high-rise rental condominiums in metropolitan area
Daito Steel Co., Ltd.Produces and constructs steel frame and sale of exterior products
Real Estate Business
Daito Kentaku Partners Co., Ltd.Total management of rental buildings and provision of customer services
Daito Kentaku Leasing Co., Ltd.Rental building brokerage and tenant recruitment
House Leave Co., Ltd.Provides agency guarantee services mainly for tenants’ rent liabilities
Housecom Co., Ltd.Rental building real estate agent in Kanto and Tokai regions
Other Businesses
Gaspal GroupConstructs LP gas plants and supplies LP gas to rental buildings
Daito Energy Co., Ltd.Supplies and sells energy such as electric power to rental buildings
Care Partner Co., Ltd.Operates elderly day care centers (visiting care) and nurseries
Sakura Care Co., Ltd.Home care services, in-home support planning and services, home visit nursing care, comprehensive support for people with disabilities, housekeeper referrals, and nursing care personnel introductions
Ume Care Co., Ltd.Home care services, in-home support planning and services, and home visit nursing care
Daito Asia Development (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Conducts overseas hotel business (Le Meridien, Malaysia)
Daito Asia Development (Malaysia) Ⅱ Sdn. Bhd.Conducts overseas hotel business (Hilton, Malaysia)
Daito Finance Co., Ltd.Handle financing such as construction funds (for a contract fee)
HOUSE GUARD S.S. Insurance Co., Ltd.Sells comprehensive insurance to rental housing owners and tenants
House Payment Co., Ltd.Payment services for credit card settlements and other payment methods
Daito Mirai Trust Co., Ltd.Consulting services for trust businesses centered on real estate management trusts as well as asset succession and asset management
Daito Corporate Service Co., Ltd. (Special subsidiary)Document shipping services, document shredding, printing services, and clerical work, etc.