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“Entrusted with land that was built on or land to build on”
The Daito Group Reaches 1 Million Units Under Management

Since its founding in June 1974, the Daito Group has offered ways for landowners to make effective use of their land through leasing, and has provided tenants with secure, safe housing and convenient lifestyles. With a business centered on our proprietary Lease Management Trust System, we have expanded by offering added value tailored to the needs of the times while striving for synergies between our Group companies. As a result, in January 2017, we reached 1 million units under management. This achievement would not have been possible without the ongoing support of our shareholders and other stakeholders, support for which we are deeply grateful.

In the year ended March 2017, the Daito Group refined the slogan central to its mid-term management plan“Strongly Pursuing the Potential of Rental Housing”to establish a new brand message that says, “生きることは、託すこと。(Life is Built on Trust.)” This message incorporates our desire to go beyond rental housing development, contributing to society through our energy business, regional revitalization and other activities, and ultimately growing as a company in which people are willing to entrust a part of their lives.

“Entrusted with land that was built on or land to build on”

At this important juncture, we are more aware than ever of the significance of the word “trust” as it is incorporated in our Group name. At the same time, our new branding takes us beyond the boundaries of rental housing, and as we mature into a company in which people can entrust their lives, we will enhance corporate value with the goal of becoming a group our shareholders can truly depend on.
Naomi Kumakiri
President and Representative Director (CEO)

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