News Release
May 1, 2014
Notice - regarding acquisition of treasury stocks

Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd resolved at a meeting of the Board of Directors on April 30, 2014 resolved to acquire treasury stocks under Article 156 as applied pursuant to the provisions of Article 165, Paragraph 3 of the Commercial Code of Japan.

1. Reason
Daito Trust Construction is planning to acquire some of treasury stocks in order to return profits to shareholders.

2. Details
(1) Type of stocks: Common stock
(2) Aggregate number of stocks acquired: 1.71 million stocks (upper)
(2.2% of the total number of stocks issued (excluding treasury stocks))
(3) Aggregate cost of acquisition: 16.6 billion yen (upper)
(4) Term From May 1, 2014 to March 30, 2015


Total number of stocks issued and tresury stocks as of March 31, 2014
Total number of stocks issued (excluding treasury stocks): 79,660,055 stocks
Number of treasury stock: 950,224 stocks
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