News Release
July 16, 2010
New apartment -“L'ill WIZ”

Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd is pleased to announce the releasing of reinforced concrete 4-story apartment“L'ill WIZ”. “L'ill WIZ”is suitable for a small and urban area, and intended for a single tenant.


 1. Naming of “L'ill WIZ”

The name of “L'ill WIZ”, new version of “L'ill”, derives from the word of “WITH” and “WHIZ” and it means an apartment with a design symbolizing smart urban life and an airly, free and casual space.

Ref. : “L'ill” is a coined word of Light, Life, I, Will and Swell.

 2. Improving the efficiency of lease business by making the best use of a small plot of land.

In order to make the best use of a small plot of land, 1st floor is changed into a parking in the form of piloti. Reducing an outdoor parking makes it possible to build an apartment efficiently on a small plot of land. And correspondence to the Regulation of Shadow for an urban residential area (Not applicable to the height of under 10m) is taken into consideration. “L'ill WIZ”materialize 4-story apartment with the height of under 10m by keeping the height of the ceiling and the livability. It also makes the best use of the efficiency of lease business by keeping a confprtable residential space.

■ Making the use of flat space → A parking in the form of piloti (1st floor)

■ Making the use of vertical space → 4-story apartment with the height of 10m

 3. High quality equipments

To support a stylish and comfortable life, the following standard equipments are set up.

@ Kitchen with a slide cabinet in drawer form (1.5m wide)
A Adjustable shower head water faucet useful for sink cleaning
B Coler video monitor for security
C Automatically lockable entrance for safe
D Security door lock “Memory Key” with anti-crime function
E Inverter A/C (one for each dwelling)
F 24 hours automated ventilation system to avoid sick house syndrome
G Washstand with a single lever shower
H Toilet with a back cabinet with a built-in lavatory, and a heated seat with hot water washing.
I Equipment for digital terrestrial broadcasting

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