News Release
Jan 15, 2010
New apartment - "Modessa V"

 Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd., is pleased to announce its release of "Modessa V" wooden three-story apartment made by 2×4 method.
 This is an apartment designed for single and couple, and adopted trilayer flat type especially superior in securing privacy.
 "Modessa 24" wooden two-story apartment made by 2 X 4 method released in June 2006 was favorably received and its contract got over 1,000.
 Now we are going to promote its sales eagerly by adding new three-story apartment.

<Yellow and White> <White and Orange>

    【Trilayer flat type】 All entrances are located on the 1st floor, and tenants for 2nd and 3rd floor use a private stair from the entrance on the 1st floor.

 1.Simple and sharp outward appearance

 Design in mode for the theme of simple and sharp.
 Attractive and original outward appearance makes the lifestyle of tenants stylish.

 2.Flexible layout especially for function and space.
     (Footprint 31-45u exclude stairs)

(1) Multi room for 1st and 2nd floor. It is widely used for a bed room, a den and a wide storage space with lifestyle of tenants.

(2) Spacious entrance hall for 3rd floor. It is used to keep outdoor goods like a golf bag without carrying to the 3rd floor. And combining LD and a bed room makes it possible to use it as a wide room (23u).

 3.Functional standard equipment

For more comfortable life, standard equipments are furnished with the following items.

a) Useful wide "Unit-Kitchen"
b) Adjustable shower head, useful for sink cleaning
c) Colour video entry phone for security
d) Security door lock, "memory key", with anti-crime function
e) For Benefit and security, effective lamp with stranger sensor
f) Energy saving inverter A/C (one for each dwelling)
g) 24 hours automated ventilation system to avoid sick house syndrome
h) Compound sash with aluminum and resin for insultation (LOW-E)
i) Vibration control flooring** (2nd and 3rd floor only)
   (Floor cushioned to absorb vibration and noise)
j) Equipment for ground digital broadcasting

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