News Release
July 24, 2009
Notice - regarding the expansion of shareholder benefit program

Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd announces that the Board of Directors held on July 24, 2009 resolved to expand a shareholder benefit program as outlined below.

1. Reason

Daito provides a benefit, "Commission discount service to move into an apartment that both Daito and Daito building management Co. Ltd., manage(the following "current service")" to shareholders.
This time, as expressing our gratitude to shareholders' daily supports and also making this program more useful for shareholders, we decide to add the benefit program to "current service".

2. Contents

Adding to "current service", gift tickets will be provided to shareholders depending on their number of shares. (see the attached file)


3. Eligible shareholders

Those who are recorded in the list of shareholders (as of March 31)

4. Commencement date

The benefit will be subject to shareholders who are recorded in the list of shareholders (as of March 31, 2009)
The gift tickets will be sent to shareholders around middle of September, 2009. After 2010, the benefit will be done at the end of every June.

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