News Release
March 31, 2009
 Reinforced concrete apartment

Daito Trust Construction Co. Ltd., is pleased to announce releasing four-story apartment limited Tokyo 23 districts, "L'ill". "L'ill", a system type product*, is suitable for urban areas that are generally set high rent fee and especially designed for singles and young couples.

*System type product
As this product can be flexibly changed with arranged location of layout, units and buildings, we suggest tenants a variety of plans.


 1. Urban taste and modern design

The apartment is designed to stand out in a row of other houses on the basis of concepts are urban taste, modern and cool. Used louvers made of aluminum (blinds are horizontally arranged) and vertical lattices, "L'ill" has both sharp and urban style.

 2. Naming of "L'ill"

The name of "L'ill" is come from "light", "life" and "I (oneself)". It is also added those words of "will(future)" and "swell". This name indicates that dazzling light in space, wealthy life there and wishing blight future for owners.

 3. A lot of ideas to realize effective lease-housing business

To accomplish effective lease-housing business despite strict leagl regulation and etc. in urban areas, we put it on a lot of ideas. Also we made the plan possible owners have their own home anew inside the apartment in case of reconstruction.

@ Four-story apartment that passed a legal regulation in urban resident areas (limited height is within 10m) Having height of ceiling that keeps the same as before, tall type of both sashes and fixtures in order to make space be larger in visual than the actual space, "L'ill" still holds with comfortable rooms.

A We prepare 26 variation plans. It makes possible owners select an effective plan to combine them and the apartment meets the best condition of environment and needs of tenants.

B "L'ill" can be changed any allocations to fit on its ground. This feature is possible to adapt not only small but irregular shape of lands in typical urban areas as much as using those advantages.

 4. Living space puts value on design and security

1) Stylish living space
"L'ill" has features that are suited for needs of tenants who are especially seeking unique and high quality of life. The concept is "A white canvas can be painted by color of tenants' own life. A spiral staircase set in maisonette type creates a feeling of stylish life. Moreover, kitchen and bath room are selected as high quality designs.

2) Facilities of Security
"L'ill" is equipped with facilities of security below:
@"automatic rock" with TV cameras set in both entrance and gate
Aprevention of crime camera
Bdouble window glass to prevent crime
Csecurity door lock, "memory key", with anti-crime function

 What is "OWNER'S ONE"?

This is our company's brand which is combined owner's house with the apartment. The type of house has many advantages like cost and tax reductions. As suggesting "Lease management trust system", we surely support not only owner's wealthy current life but effective use of their properties in the future.

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