News Release
February 23, 2009
Designed modern apartment of Vasa series "Vasa MIDDY"

Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd is pleased to announce releasing 2×4 method, two-story apartment "Vasa MIDDY;" which is specialized for snow areas.
"Vasa MIDDY" taken modern designs that are natural and warm is especially designed for couple and young family. In addition, this series apartment is built by flat-style*.

*Flat Style
The entrances for all tenants are located on the 1st floor (tenants living on the 2nd floor use inside stairs to go up to the 2nd floor). This style has received an excellent reputation for protecting privacy.

<Chocolate brown> <Leaf green>

 1. Modern design with beauty and warmth

Beautiful contrast is created by shade under deep eaves and bright sunshine at both balcony and entrance. We make this apartment presents modern style that is set of quadruple slit sashes and pillars emphasized on the vertical lines. Besides, used of different natural materials such as woods and mud for outside walls, the apartment is achieved to show warm appearance.

 2. Naming of "Vasa MIDDY"

The name is combined words "value" and "satisfaction" in English. Furthermore, it is made of other words as "mild", "middle" and "melody". This name indicates "warm and well-off place" to this new apartment.

 3. Flexible layout to fit any tenants need

By using "Tall fixture type" that reaches the ceiling, "Vasa MIDDY" is achieved to have flexibly either with or without partition. Especially on the 1st-floor, tenants can choose one from "no partition", "Tall type fixture" and "semitransparent glass" types. The flexibility can be possible to connect all rooms and also adapted to any tenants.
"Walk-in storage"is included in the main bed room. (Footprint : 44.75- 57.63u).

1st floor<1LDK(2DK)> 2nd floor<2LDK>

 【Three types of partitions】

No partition type
Tall fixture type
Semitransparent glass type


 4.Functional standard equipment

For comfortable life, standard equipment are furnished with following items.

a) Useful wide "Unit-Kitchen"(2.12m)
b) Adjustable shower head water faucet, useful for sink cleaning
c) Energy-conserving bath heating system
d) "providing hot water to three spots" system included monitor and phone
that are connected between kitchen and bath
e) Color video entry phone for security
f) Security door lock, "memory key", with anti-crime function
g) Energy saving inverter A/C (one for each dwelling)
h) 24 hours automated ventilation system avoid sick house syndrome
i) Vibration control flooring (2nd floor only)
(Floor cushioned to absorb vibration and noise)
j) Equipment for ground digital broadcasting

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