News Release
September 17, 2008
Notice about securitization of loan by Lehman Brothers

Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd. has provided affiliated loan with Lehman Brothers Group to owners who construct a lease building since September, 2001. From September 15, 2008, the media reports Lehman Brothers collapses, but we think its effect is slight for our customer and Daito and there aren't significant interfering factors. To this loan user Daito set a place utmost priority on protecting our owners and of offering services as follows.

1. Already loaned case

 The number of Lehman Brothers loan is 1,874, (\236.1 billion), among then the number of securitization (Assignment of an obligation to particular purpose company) is 1,812 cases, (\236.3 billion). All loan provisos remain in the same as first condition when made a contract whether they are already securitized and scheduled.
 Daito repay by proxy of users transfer outstanding to the Loan collection control company (Loan collection control company: Not Lehman Brothers Group) in behalf of users from rent income. We are going to pay back ongoing without change.

2 For loan scheduled case

 The number of this loan before and under construction is 36 (approximately \7.0 billion) under construction and planed. To customers who are to use this loan, we are going to introduce alternatives loan in other financial institutions immediately.

3. Effects for our orders received and performance

 The number of this affiliated loan is considerable declined since last year cause of deterioration of market. Therefore we think there are slight impacts for our business orders received.
 Also, for in course of construction case, we are going to introduce alternative loan by other financial institutions soon. So, we estimate little or no effect to our business performance.

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