News Release
April 28, 2008
Indetermination of FY2007 dividend

 We would like to release indetermination of FY2007 dividend. As we released "About certain report on January 04th, 2008" on 4th January, we are considering about capital policy comprehensively from aspect of improvement of corporative value. Also we released "Notice about amendment of next dividend forecast" on 21st March ,if we carry out any policy which meets both value of corporation and stockholders, it's possible that we pass a dividend for this end of term, on the other hand we declare a dividend for this end of term, we're going to increase in divided to ¥180 as bonus dividend to achieve the original goal of acquiring treasury stocks. And another release "Notice - Progress of the considering about capital policy -" on 18th April, we are considering about capital policy to make conclusion until near the end of May

We are earnestly considering about capital policy from aspect of improvement of corporate value with taken advice by outside experts. Therefore, we don't reach any conclusion cause of current capital market which issued stemming from a Subprime problem, uncertainly financial market and several cause. Including above cause, we don't make any decision about FY2007 dividend on today's "Financial Highlights" either.

We are going to release about FY2007 dividend after decision immediately, but for a while please take care of dealing with our stocks.

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