News Release
November 30, 2006
Soft modern design apartment "Vasa"

Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd., is pleased to announce the release of 2 x 4 method two-story "Vasa" apartments throughout the country.
The apartment is designed for couples and families and featured the combination of natural material such as wood and soil.
Construction method is flat-style which is popular with residents.
The tsubo** unit price range starts at 330,000 yen.

** 3.3 square meters

@1. Soft modern design

We use siding panels colored like natural materials such as wood and soil. The design creates the image of warm and soft modern housing.

@2. Naming of "Vasa"

The name is a coined word combining "Value"and "Satisfying". It means "Valuable Housing"

@3. Spacious room and various functions

There are 2 unit layouts for first floor, 1LDK unites for open space or 2DK for private rooms.
Second floor is adopted 2LDK unit layout to fit the needs of families.
All dwellings come furnished with the following items.

a) Popular face to face type kitchen counter (second floor only)
b) Adjustable shower head water faucet, useful for sink cleaning
c) Separated bath room and rest room
d) Automated bath heating system
e) Energy-conserving AC/Heating unit (one for each dwelling)
f) Vibration control flooring** (second floor only)
    ** Floor cushioned to absorb vibration and noise
g) Color video entryphone for security
h) Security door lock, "memory key", with anti-crime function
i) Insulating glass
j) 24 hours automated ventilation system
k) Spacious walk-in closet


The entranses for all tenants are located at 1st floor (tenants living at the 2nd floor use inside stairs to go up to the 2nd floor). To keep privacy, doors for tenants living at the 1st floor and for tenants living at the 2nd floor locate different side of the 1st floor.
This style has received an excellent reputation for protecting privacy.

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