News Release
September 21, 2006
Middle-rise reinforced concrete apartment "Modest"

Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd., is pleased to announce the release of "Modest" apartments. The apartment is designed for middle-rise reinforced concrete apartment. It is implemented "parts combination system" in order to meet various llocation requirements.
The tsubo** unit price range starts at 390,000 yen.

** 3.3 square meters

@1. Exterior Design

The design emphasizes horizontal and vertical lines without ornate exterior materials . Lattice wall and entrance roof were designed to create the image of a sophisticated life.

@2. Naming of "Modest"

The name "Modest" is a coined word to describe the concepts "Mode", "Best" and "Style".  It means "The best housing with new style".

@3. Functional dwelling unit

You can choose your layouts (1K, 1LDK and 2 LDK units), number of units per floor and number of stories (4-8 units, 4-8 stories). Units for single start at 30.96 square meters and units for family starts at 61.51 square meters. All dwellings come furnished with the following items.

a) Face to face type kitchen counter
b) Individual bathroom and toilet
c) Adjustable shower head water faucet, useful for sink cleaning
d) Energy-conserving AC/Heating unit
e) Vibration control flooring**
   ** Floor cushioned to absorb vibration and noise
f) Color video entry phone for security
g) Piping for optical fiber cable
h) Terrestrial Digital
i) Security door lock, "memory key", with anti-crime function
j) 24 hours automated ventilation system

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