News Release
March 03, 2006
Daito Trust & Building Co., Ltd. discontinues a part of their business.

Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd. announces Daito Trust & Building Co., Ltd., the wholly owned subsidiary, discontinues a part of business based on a resolution of a board of directors held on March 1, 2006.

1. Outline of the company

1) Trade Name: Daito Trust & Building Co., Ltd.
2) Address: 16-1 Konan 2-chome Minato-Ku Tokyo Japan
3) President: Isao Shiozawa
4) Capital: 400 million yen (100% owned by Daito)
5) Business: design and construction of rental buildings

2. Reason of this discontinuation

Shin-Nihon Denken Co., Ltd carried over design and construction business of rental buildings from Nihon Denken on August 2002. It renamed Daito Trust & Building Co., Ltd. on July 2003 and expanded business mainly to a metropolitan area. However, because of the slow down of orders, it is decided to discontinue a part of business and concentrate on design and construction.

3. Discontinuing business

 (1)  Discontinuing business
       Sales activities for construction of rental buildings and single-family housing

 (2)  Financial Summary (April 1, 2004 - May 31, 2005)
                                                                  (millions of yen)

 (3)  Employees of the relevant division
      Relevant division employees are going to be transferred to
      Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd.

4. Schedule

The date of discontinuation: March 31, 2006

5. Effect to Daito's financial result

Daito Trust has already included its loss into a consolidated financial forecast of fiscal year ending March 2006.  It has no effect to Daito's consolidated and non-consolidated financial plan for FY2006 announced on October 11, 2005.
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