News Release
August 16, 2005
Asbestos Issue Measures of
Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd.
Daito Trust Construction herein reports the following measures toward asbestos, the current controversial public issue in order to obtain the understanding and further security from the customers.

i. Change-over to asbestos-free products

Generally, there should be very few possibilities that toxic substances would be released into the air from asbestos sprayed to a slate roof, walls, backside of the ceiling and inside of the wall under the normal usage.

Daito Trust has discontinued using materials contain asbestos and changed over to products that do not contain toxic substance since 2000 using asbestos-free products made by building materials manufacturers under a law and other related regulations.

Adopting asbestos-free products for our facilities

Daito Trust has adopted asbestos-free materials for roof coloring since 2000 and outer wall siding since 2003. Additionally it has strictly banned from using asbestos products since June 2003 at Daito Trust.
  • In the past, asbestos had been widely used as a building material for fireproof coat, thermal product and insulator in construction industry. Spray materials contain asbestos used for fireproof coating of steel framework were banned in 1975, however, hardened building materials containing asbestos such as outer wall siding, slate roof and interior partition had been continuously produced until it was completely prohibited on October 1, 2004.
  • Please be reminded that building materials containing over 1% asbestos are only regulated by the government. Materials with less than 1% asbestos are generally considered as "asbestos-free" for further usages.

ii. Reminder to the customers

Government and related authorities would release the regulations and guidance relating to asbestos issue and Daito Trust continues to keep you updated any related information in timely manner.

Analysis of specialists or a report to the government might be asked in order to perform cutting and rejecting materials or drilling a hole into them, as there are a few risks that asbestos are released into the air.

Daito Trust will continue to recognize the importance of asbestos issue and maintain your safety and security at first priority following legal regulations and disclose any information.
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