News Release
March 25, 2005
Starts short-term rental apartment service
"Quarterly Chintai"
- Exclusively for corporate clients -

Daito Trust Construction launched its short-term rental apartment service "Quarterly Chintai" exclusively for corporate clients effective April 1 as described below.

1. Outline and purpose of this new service
"Quarterly Chintai" is our original service with a new concept for corporate clients especially designed to accommodate their mid-to-long term business trips and temporary transfers.
(1) A rental period is thoughtfully set mainly for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months or it could even be expand to any period with clients best interest starting 3 months adding by one-month duration.

(2) In order to accommodate any urgent business trips and unexpectedly occurred transfers, we are at all times ready to accept customers without any complicated pre-administrative paperwork.
Please note that any room would be available within one week after a final application.

(3) None of the payment such as key money, brokerage commission, admission or annual fee is asked to deposit and we dare not ask any guarantor.

(4) Each room is served fully furnished with electronic appliances, beddings, drapes and other daily necessities that requires for a daily living.

By providing this unique service, our target has been highly set to further increasing accommodations of mid-to-long term business trips in general, and expanding it to cover temporary transfers, dormitories and company houses and beyond.

2. Sales initiatives
  -Promotional selling points-

(1) Various options of floor plans
We offer our standard high quality rooms of integrated room type as well as family type complex. Our family type complex serves as accommodations for temporary transfer with family and also for company dormitory as well.

(2) Spacious one-room type complex with a reasonable storage space.
  (25 square meters average)
The average size of multi-purpose area by "Quarterly Chintai" covers 25 square meters wide that never works with an average of 20 square meters of competitors.

(3) Contract options
Cost of home electric appliances, beddings and public utilities are basically included in regular contract fee (rental fee). However, it is also applicable to renew a contract without these costs. We serve your needs with various styles of contract.

(4) Neither an enrollment fee nor an annual membership fee is available
There is no extra charge occurred at any cases basides contract fee, or rental fee.
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