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Daito Finance Co., Ltd. Daito Finance provides affiliated loan and short-term loan for construction contract fee which needs to be paid before building completion.

Housecom Co., Ltd. Housecom is real estate agent specializing rental apartments. Stores are expanded in Kanto, Chubu and Kansai areas. (92 stores at the end of Sep. 2006)

Ju-See Publishing Co., Ltd. Ju-See publishes a rental apartment information magazine "Ju-See". This useful magazine is available at book stores and 24-hour convenience stores. Ju-See also operates a web site called "Ju-see net" through which vacant units can be searched.

Daito Steel Co., Ltd. Daito Steel provides stable and efficient services of supplying steel material for apartment and condominium buildings.

Daito Kentaku Leasing Co., Ltd. Daito Kentaku Leasing specialize in direct brokerage business of rental housing under management.

Daito Kentaku Partners Co., Ltd. Daito Kentaku Partners provides comprehensive building management services including building maintenance and rent & contract management under the whole building lease contract or business trust agreement with landowners. It also manages Shinagawa East One Tower which is the head-office building for Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd.

House Leave Co., Ltd. When lesee (tenant) requests to make a contract without a joint guarantor, House Leave Co., Ltd guarantee tent's debt on lease.

Care Partner Co., Ltd.
While the population of aging society is rapidly growing in Japan, Daito Trust directed its focus immediately to "Day-Service", that is one of home nursing care services. Care Partner Co., Ltd., Daito's fully owned subsidiary, established Care Partner Kawaguchi in Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama prefecture in June 1999, one year advance to an adoption of nursing care insurance program. Care Partner Co., currently manages sufficient operations of day-service centers and provides various services coordinating home care planning and meal services for senior citizens. Care Partner Co., Ltd. is broadly expanding its operation nationwide cooperating with land owners to satisfy social needs toward home nursing care support business.

Gaspal Co., Ltd. Gaspal Co., Ltd. delivers stable LP gas supply using bulk storage tank systems of the newest species mainly for leasing facilities provided under Daito Trust management.

Daito Construction Co., Ltd. Daito Construction Co., Ltd. supports rental apartment business with quality construction services.
We are a specialty company which constructs focusing on Reinforced-Concrete, Reinforced-Steel, and Steel Structure.

Daito Asia Development (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. As industrial and economic growth is forecasted in Malaysia, a hotel demand has been highly expected to increase. In view of the fact, Daito Trust launched Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur Hotel in Malaysia on October 8 2004. This luxury hotel, housing 35 floors with 420 rooms, is located above Kuala Lumpur Central Station providing convenient access to KL International Airport. Meridien SA, acknowledged as a premium hotel operator, manages and operates the hotel's daily functions.

Daito Corporate Service Co., Ltd. Daito Corporate Service is established in order to promote employment of physically and mentally challenging individuals. The main services include sending, shredding and printing office documents adding to other miscellaneous clerical work.

Daito Farm Co., Ltd. Cultivation of agricultural produce.

Daito Mirai Trust Co., Ltd. Daito Mirai Trust Company Limited; registered trust company at Kanto Financial Bureau in August 2014, supports and provides trust services to retail real estate owners for the smooth transfer and administration of the properties.

Daito Energy Co., Ltd. Through the energy sale of power or the like into rental housing, and promote efforts to enhance the value of apartments and condominiums that the Group is managed.

HOUSE GUARD SSI A Small Amount and Short Term Insurance Provider

Corporate Profile
Group Companies
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