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Privacy Policy

Daito Trust Construction has put in place the following Privacy Policy in order to protect customer's personal information.

1. Protection of Personal information

Daito Trust Construction has established a "Privacy Policy" and organized a system to protect personal information in an appropriate manner.

2. Use of Personal information

Daito Trust Construction collects customer information within the limitation that is appropriate only after informing customer the purpose of collection.
Daito Trust Construction will use customer's information only to the extent necessary for its business and maintain the information appropriately.
Daito Trust Construction will never disclose customers' personal information to a third party without the consent of the customer.

3. Security Measures

Daito Trust Construction maintains customer's personal information accurately and pursues the prevention of unauthorized access, loss, falsification and leak of personal information provided by customers.
In the case Daito Trust Construction submits personal information to a third party, Daito Trust Construction makes a contract with the third party to handle the information appropriately and to not disclose and resubmit it without customer's prior consent.

4. Amendment of personal information

If you require disclosure or amendment of your personal information, please contact Daito Trust Construction.

5. Legal Compliance

Daito Trust Construction complies with related laws and regulations in order to manage and improve Privacy Policy stated above.


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